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Clavicle Fractures

The clavicle bone, or collarbone, connects the breastbone to the shoulder blade. It is also one of the most commonly… Read More »


Scoliosis: Symptoms, Treatment, & Recovery The human spine should be straight vertically with gentle anterior and posterior lumbar, thoracic, and… Read More »

Cervical Fracture

Cervical Fractures: Symptoms, Treatment, and Recovery  There are seven bones in your neck that connect to form the cervical region… Read More »

Neck Pain and Arm Pain

Neck and Arm Pain: Symptoms, Treatment, and Recovery  The neck supports the head, associated muscles, ligaments, and bones. These structures… Read More »

Cervical Herniated Disc

Cervical Herniated Disc: Symptoms, Treatment, & Recovery  Herniated discs occur when the gel-like center of the spinal disc ruptures, causing… Read More »

Talus Fracture

Talus Fracture: Symptoms, Treatment, & Recovery The talus is a bone in your ankle that connects your shin bone with… Read More »

Toe Fractures

Toe Fractures: Symptoms, Treatment, & Recovery Toe fractures are a relatively common type of fracture that usually do not require… Read More »