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CORE Adult Exercise Program

**Due to COVID-19, Raleigh Orthopaedic’s CORE Program is temporarily closed until restrictions for gyms and fitness centers are lifted in North Carolina. We appreciate your patience during this time; the health and safety of our patients are our highest priority.**

Whether you are looking to get your lifestyle back, lose weight, or simply get more active, the CORE Program  is dedicated to helping you reach your goals! To get started, contact us at CORE@raleighortho.com or 919-863-6834.

CORE Programs Include:

Licensed and certified professionals guide people of ALL ages and ALL levels of fitness through  to help them achieve improved orthopedic health and wellness.

All programs are open to the public and do not require a physician referral.

Benefits of the CORE Program:

  • Restored health and increased daily activity level
  • Structured non-surgical options for orthopedic conditions
  • A variety of both individual and group exercise programs including balance training and tai chi
  • Exercises customized to individual fitness level and ability
  • Programs designed and/or supervised by licensed Physical Therapists and certified professionals to ensure proper form and avoid injury
  • Access to all the necessary professional staff and expertise to be your lifetime resource for all orthopedic medical conditions

How to Get Started Today:

  1. Sign up for a Free one-on-one fitness session
  2. Complete an evaluation with a certified fitness specialist
  3. Choose a program that works for you!

To get started contact us at CORE@raleighortho.com or 919-863-6834.

CORE Program Pricing:

The CORE Program offers several services including group fitness classes, one-on-one fitness sessions and more.  All programs are open to the public and do not require a physician referral. Learn more about the CORE Program Pricing