Physical Therapy Appointment: What happens during the first PT Evaluation?

March 15, 2019 | By: Raleigh Orthopaedic Team

Due to some reasons your primary health care provider has referred you to a physical therapist or has already set an appointment with one. You probably have no idea what to expect during your initial appointment and have several questions popping up right now. This is a common thing. Our physical therapist in Raleigh  will walk you through the usual process during the initial PT appointment.

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Most patients who need physical therapy have developed an illness or acquired an injury that causes pain or disability. Physical therapists provide proper assessment and treatment to help you improve your function.

  • Initial evaluation

During your initial evaluation, your physical therapist will ask you several questions about your condition, previous level of function and how is your present condition affecting the way you live. The initial evaluation is necessary for your PT specialist to understand what you are dealing with. Therefore, the specialist can create a better suited treatment plan for you.

The session would approximately last between 50-90 minutes.

Make sure to wear comfortable clothes, which allow you to move around. Your PT specialist should evaluate your level of your strength, posture, flexibility, balance and coordination. Also,  remember to bring your referral slip (if possible), health insurance information, current prescriptions and other information about your health (symptoms, key information about your medical history etc.).

  • Physical assessment

After the initial evaluation, your physical therapist will perform a physical assessment to measure  the impairment that is causing your problem. The assessment includes the following

During the physical examination, your physical therapist should be guiding you and giving you clear instructions about what to do.

  • Developing a treatment plan

Lastly, your physical therapist will set up a treatment plan based on your needs, and discuss the goals and outcomes with you.

Your physical therapist can start the treatment immediately after the initial evaluation and use therapeutic modalities like electrical stimulation. This helps manage pain and improve your muscle function. Your PT will also prescribe specific exercises for you to do while you are at home.

A successful treatment plan happens when you have open communication with your PT. Tell your doctor what you feel, what’s working and what’s not, so that you can achieve positive outcomes.

Now that you know what to expect during your first appointment with your physical therapist, you can prepare well for your initial evaluation. Keep in mind the things you should bring before meeting your doctor.

Physical therapy in Raleigh, NC provides the latest therapy techniques that are suitable for the needs of each patient. By choosing Raleigh Orthopedic Physical therapy you can expect to be working with a team of highly trained professional staff and personnel to experience high-quality, cost-effective physical therapy services.

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