Top 7 Benefits of Physical Therapy That You Should Know About

February 8, 2019 | By: Raleigh Orthopaedic Team

Physical therapy is a non-invasive treatment and shows a lot of benefits when compared to surgery. As a matter of fact, it has helped many people of all ages who experienced different health conditions, ailments or injuries.

The conditions commonly treated with physical therapy are known to limit regular activities and decrease the normal function of the body. But given that fact that physical therapy has not always been the primary treatment option for most patients, more often than not people choose surgery over physical therapy.

The common belief is that going through a surgery provides faster results and is more effective in treating health problems. Even so, primary health care doctors often refer their patients to a physical therapist as an initial treatment against the problem because it is cited to be a conservative approach in managing different types of conditions.

Moreover, physical therapy has a number of benefits that make it more effective than other treatment options. Below are the top 7 benefits of physical therapy in Raleigh  that you should know about.  

  1.    Helps in managing pain

Our physical therapy provides programs, such as therapeutic exercises and therapy techniques, which help in relieve patients’ pain. It also restores muscle and joint function. With time, the treatment process should eliminate the pain altogether. Continuous and persistent therapy will prevent pain from coming back!

  1.    Prevents surgery from happening

Successful physical therapy treatments let you avoid surgery. Once your pain is eliminated and you were able to recover from an injury, surgery will be taken off the table. Also, if surgery is avoided, so are the related healthcare costs.

  1.    Enhances mobility and balance

After surgery or a serious injury, a person usually has a hard time standing or moving around. A simple activity like eating can become a real challenge. Physical therapy can help through encouraging guided therapeutic exercises, which work to restore the patient’s ability to move. This can also initiate improvements in coordination and balance, especially for patients who are prone to falling.

Physical therapist at Raleigh Orthopaedic Clinic can suitably fit a patient with crutches or any assistive instruments, and evaluate orthotic prescription. The clinic will also design an individualized care plan that is customized to the patient’s needs, ensuring optimal progress and safety.

physical therapy in Raleigh

  1.    Recovery from injury or stroke

Recovery from sports-related injuries requires prevention exercises – programs that ensure the patient will have a safe return to their sports. Stroke patients, on the other hand, can recover through physical therapy, which here works towards strengthening weakened body parts and improving pace and balance. The therapy enables stroke patients to be more independent so they can have the ability to move around and do smaller activities, such as bathing and toileting without the need for assistance.

  1.    Manages different types of health conditions

Physical therapy deals with several conditions such as diabetes, heart, vascular and lung diseases.  Our physical therapists can help educate the patients, whilst providing proper exercises and therapies for patients who suffer from the aforementioned conditions.

  1.    Handles age-related conditions

Age-related disease, such as arthritis and osteoporosis, are the most prominent conditions among elderly people. Physical therapy handles these diseases by alleviating the pain and helping the patients recover from surgeries, such as the knee, hip or joint replacements.

  1.    Helps in regaining the original state

One of the main purposes of physical therapy is to help patients regain their function and abilities that now are lost. Though the process may not happen quickly, the treatment ensures significant improvements in fitness and overall wellness of the patient.

Physical Therapy in Raleigh? Raleigh Orthopaedic.

There are many more benefits of physical therapy you can learn about. It is best to talk to your doctor to see if this kind of treatment option is the right fit for you. They will mostly likely refer you to one of our physical therapists in Raleigh.

Why? Because Raleigh Orthopaedic provides a world-class and cost-effective physical therapy for patients in North Carolina and other states. Our team consists of well-educated, experienced professionals –  licensed physical therapists, licensed athletic trainers, exercise physiologists and support personnel.

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