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What is Tai Chi?


Tai chi, originally developed as a martial art, is a mind-body practice that focuses on internal energy and is often used to improve health. It involves slow, continuous movements called “forms.” There are many styles of tai chi including Yang style, Chen style, Wu style and Sun style. The Sun (pronounced “soon”) style is the most recently developed and designed specifically for health. It involves smaller steps and a higher stance, which many participants find easier on the joints, especially knees and hips.

Benefits of Tai Chi include:

  • improved balance and stability
  • improved muscle strength and flexibility
  • reduced risk of falling
  • relaxed mind and body
  • possible improvements in several medical conditions including: arthritis, low bone density, heart disease, and Parkinson’s disease.

Raleigh Orthopaedic Rehabilitation Specialists are pleased to provide Tai Chi for Arthritis and Falls Prevention developed by Dr. Paul Lam. This program uses gentle Sun style Tai Chi routines that are safe, easy to learn, and suitable for every fitness level. All classes are led by certified instructors.  We offer beginner classes as well as more advanced classes to progress participants towards a well-balanced and healthy lifestyle.


Tai Chi meets twice a week for 8-weeks and includes:

  • warm-up and cool-down exercises
  • six basic CORE movements
  • six advanced extension moves
  • direction changes to add challenge.

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