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Total Joint Replacement Education

For patients scheduling surgery at REX or WakeMed or Raleigh Orthopaedic Surgery Center

The goal of the Raleigh Orthopaedic Total Joint Pre-Operative educational materials is to improve patient’s functional outcome following surgery. The slides below will cover ambulation, transfers, assistive devices, adaptive equipment, pain management, diet and weight control, pre-operative and post-operative exercises, balance, return to work and activity, post-operative rehab milestones and precautions. You can choose to review them at your leisure prior to your scheduled total joint replacement procedure.

Total Knee Replacement Slide Show

Total Hip Replacement Slide Show

Links below are take away points from the slide shows above. Please review at your convenience prior to total joint procedures as they provide important information to keep in mind ahead of your surgery.

Pre-Op Knee Replacement Take Away Info

Pre-Op Hip Replacement Take Away Info

Physical Therapy appointments are required after your total joint replacement surgery. However, below are some exercises to do before your surgery to help strengthen the muscles.

Pre-Op Knee Exercises

Pre-Op Hip Exercises

For further questions please email Stephanie Maw, PT at smaw@raleighortho.com or please call (919) 863-6872.