CORE Program One-on-One Fitness Sessions

In addition to group fitness and specialty classes, the CORE Program offers one-on-one services to address health goals and concerns at a personal level.

One-on-One Fitness Sessions

Personal Fitness Sessions give you the opportunity to identify your fitness goals with a fitness professional and develop a personalized exercise program. Unlike ordinary personal trainers, our staff members have a medical background and are trained to work with individuals who may or may not have limitations. Our fitness specialists will ensure that all exercises are performed correctly and safely to avoid injury and further complications.

Personal Fitness Sessions include:

  • a review of your orthopedic history and current limitations due to pain or restrictions
  • a comprehensive health and fitness assessment
  • a physical therapy screening of posture, strength, flexibility, core strength, agility, balance, and aerobic endurance
  • a personalized exercise program

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One-on-One Nutrition Sessions

Nutrition sessions give you the opportunity to identify your long-term health goals with a registered dietician and create a personalized nutrition plan. Whether you’re looking to loose weight, get more energy, or just improve your health through nutrition, we will guide and support you along the way to reach your nutritional goals.

Nutrition sessions include:

  • nutrition education
  • nutrition assessments
  • goal setting
  • body composition testing
  • a “meal builder”
  • creative meal tracking tools
  • research-based protocols

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