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According to the article published in The Wall Street Journal on April 9, 2012 "Staying Healthier Longer," middle age is an especially critical time for preventing the functional declines that creep up with advancing years, and patients need to adjust exercise routines so they don’t exacerbate physical problems and end up stopping activity all together

At Raleigh Orthopaedic Clinic, we understand the importance of the positive benefits of restoring or increasing your daily activity level, which is why our physicians and physical therapists have jointly developed the Center for Orthopaedic Rehabilitation and Exercise (CORE) to help individuals get on the path to better health in a safe and medically supervised environment.

The CORE program offers a variety of programs for individuals who have general aches and pains, are recovering from an injury, have arthritis or arthritis-like symptoms, or for individuals who haven’t routinely exercised, but would like to start.

Our licensed and certified professionals guide people of all ages through the CORE programs and tailor the classes to meet their individual needs. The CORE program begins with a one on one fitness physical, which is a comprehensive evaluation of the individual’s medical history, strength, flexibility, balance, and cardiovascular endurance, and is designed to analyze the individual’s strengths and weaknesses. After the individual completes their fitness physical, they are directed into a group exercise program led by our physical therapists. 

The CORE program offers a variety of group fitness programs at select locations that are intended for individuals of all fitness levels, including:

  • The Arthritis Foundation Exercise Class, an eight week exercise class specifically designed for the beginner or for those that require moderate joint protection due to arthritis or arthritis-like symptoms. This class is structured by the Arthritis Foundation, and the CORE program instructors were required to attend an Arthritis Foundation instructor-training workshop to conduct these classes. 
  • The Arthritis Foundation Tai Chi Class, an eight week exercise class designed by the Arthritis Foundation to help you reduce stress, increase balance and flexibility, feel relaxed and improve your overall mind, body and spirit.  This class is structured by the Arthritis Foundation, and the CORE program instructors were required to attend an Arthritis Foundation instructor-training workshop to conduct these classes. 
  • The Joints in Motion Class, a class with two levels designed for the relatively active, but more mature population that concentrates on safe exercises and movements for the aging joint. This class addresses the keys to maintaining mobile joints, including stress management, strengthening, balance and flexibility.  This class is ideal for pre-operative and post-operative total joint patients, degenerative joint disease/arthritis sufferers, and rotator cuff syndrome diagnoses.
  • The Core n’ More Class, a class designed for both beginner and advanced individuals that concentrates on the basics of spinal stabilization and strengthening. This class teaches individuals how to correctly use the core muscles and proper body mechanics during exercise and functional daily activities.
  • The Functional Fitness Circuit Training, a thirty to forty-five minute exercise class, offered 5 days a week for the advanced or more active population that incorporates a higher level of strength and resistance training to challenge the core, extremities, and the cardiovascular system, and is aimed at increasing your overall health and fitness levels.

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